Review: Debs W Remman @ Medina Centrale (Pearl-Qatar, Doha)

Meh. Lebanese cuisine is not hard to come by in Doha. A little bit more rare in this neck of the woods (the Pearl), but there are better options, even in the Pearl. Don’t get me wrong, this place isn’t BAD, it’s just forgettable. So forgettable that I forgot the name and had to drive by it again on another occasion so I could review it.

I came here with a friend, no expectations, never even heard of the place. We got hummus and chicken shawarma plates. Shot straight up the middle, nothing too exotic. It was fine. The shawarma was dry, but sometimes that happens. If this was a shop in an older part of the city, I don’t think they would survive serving this level of quality. But I’m expecting something more memorable in the Pearl, especially given that I paid like QR70 for something I can get for QR25 in other parts of the city.

The ambiance was pleasant. Definitely a family-friendly place. When we were there (evening), it was pretty busy. Another reason I was surprised the shawarma was dry.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Medina Centrale. I think it’s a fun place to walk around. But honestly, I try not to eat in the Pearl very often. I think there are far better options in the older parts of the city. I’m just not a TGI Fridays or Longhorn kind of person. Here, those places might be “exotic,” but where I’m from that’s just chain-restaurant working class food.

If I eat in the Pearl, I’m looking for a memorable experience. Otherwise I’m going to flee the island in search of excitement. In a city where there are so many exceptional options for regional cuisine, I can’t see myself returning here.

RATED: 3/5

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