Review: Fatburger @ Medina Centrale (Pearl-Qatar, Doha)

Fatburger tastes like home. The burgers taste char-grilled, and are ridiculously thick (Assuming you order the quad-patty. And why would you NOT?) With so much meat and so many accompaniments, the bun is really just a burger delivery vehicle that soaks up any errant flavor juices. The fries are solid as well.

The ambiance is clean and bright, with murals on the wall that speak both to my sense of nostalgia as well as its current status as an international franchise.

That being said, it feels like a fast food joint. That’s because it is. But it is definitely not priced like a fast food joint, at least not the fast food joints I’m used to back home. Dinner for two (again, assuming you go for quad cheeseburgers) seems to consistently run in the QR150 range. For that price, I’m expecting a plate and some silverware. And maybe a backrub, haha.

But to be fair, there’s a part of me that remembers driving through Cookout at midnight back home, and getting a burger just as big and ridiculously appointed as Fatburger, all for the equivalent of QR15 or so.

But Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. I’m in the Pearl now. For where I am, and considering the fact that Fatburger is an imported Western experience repackaged for consumption in an affluent part of an affluent country, I can forgive them. Plates and forks would take away from the drive-up fast food ethos that is integral to places like this.

All in all, be aware that Fatburgers aren’t cheap. With that understanding, also be aware that Fatburgers are really tasty. Do with that information what you will.

RATED: 4/5

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