Review: L’wzaar Seafood Market (Katara, Doha)

This place is a lot of fun, and obviously quite popular. It was my first experience with the “fish market” theme, and I really enjoyed it. There is a wide variety of choices, and there are so many preparation options that it is almost intimidating.

It opens at 7pm, which is late by my standards but almost early by local standards, haha. We got there early, and there was already a crowd of locals and expats milling around the boardwalk in front.

We ordered a variety of types of fish and prawns, and a variety of preparations. I appreciated the grid/chart/menu that recommended certain preparations for certain types of seafood, and relied on that to guide me through the experience.

Everything we ordered was quite good, so feel free to exercise your own discretion. You probably will not be disappointed. The standouts for me were the grilled and fried hammour options. I was sad to discover when I went home that hammour is a heavily overfished and endangered fish in the Gulf, but absent that knowledge I was able to enjoy it tremendously.

The bread was great, although I had to ask for some olive oil for dipping. I also enjoyed the table salad, which I believe was referred to as “Arabian Salad.” Basically it was a bowl of whole vegetables, haha. One of my companions was less appreciative of the novelty and made jokes about having to cut up his own salad, but I enjoyed it. It provided an additional level of authenticity to an already rich dining experience.

That all being said, this place was not cheap. A lot of people don’t seem to care, and I have gotten used to paying more than I would for things back home, but it is what it is. I enjoy new and memorable dining experiences, and I am willing to pay for them. When I pay a premium for “meh,” I am resentful. There are too many dining options to let restaurants slide by and charge an unreasonable premium just on location. If I can drive to the old part of town for better food at a cheaper price, I’ll almost always do it.

Here, I was happy to pay the premium. This place delivered what it promised. I’ll gladly return.

RATED: 4/5

L'wzaar Seafood Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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