Review: Star of India (Markhiya, Doha)

I was underwhelmed by this place. I was surprised by that fact, because I had heard several ringing endorsements from expats and Indian nationals alike. I had the impression that this would be a special experience.

However, I was disappointed. We had both the buffet as well as an a la carte dish. My friend, who is an enthusiastic Indian food connoisseur, was unable to eat her paneer dish. I tried it, and the gravy tasted like the sort of tomato sauce you would get with Spaghetti-O’s. It didn’t taste Indian. We took it home, and we ultimately did eat it, but first we had to spice it up in order to do so.

The buffet was better than the ala carte experience, but it still lacked the variety and depth of flavor I have grown accustomed to in Doha. The price was very reasonable, so if the food was better I would gladly return. But as it is, I believe there are better options.

I remember living in remote areas of the U.S. a decade ago, places where Indian food was hard to come by. If this restaurant was there, I’d be back. But there is too much competition for Indian food in Doha to have to settle.

I eat out a lot, and I eat a ton of Indian food. I have some other preferences. Please check out my other reviews for better options (in my opinion).

Rated: 2.5/5

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