Review: Thai Corner (Al Muntazah, Doha)

Thai Corner is my spot. I love this place. Granted, it is literally just a hut with only two tables and plastic chairs, but I have never had more authentic Thai flavors outside of Thailand. I have gone to pretty much every Thai restaurant in the city, and I’ll give them all high marks. But in terms of real, down-home experience, I’ll always choose this shack.

My dining pal and I ordered a “survey” off the menu, as we usually do, haha. Everything made a good impression. The green papaya salad is so exceptional that I guarded the plate when I was done so I could spoon that citrus-y fish sauce flavor over my rice, haha. The eggrolls were just eggrolls, but for some reason we order them everywhere we go. It is like they are the “cheese pizza” of Asian food, which provides a baseline for evaluating everything else.

The beef in oyster sauce was excellent, as was the pad thai and the stir fried wide noodles with meat, which to me seemed like pad see ew.

People generally say they recommend takeout, but honestly I think that getting one of those two tables really adds to the experience. It is like you are actually sitting in a Bangkok kitchen, and the staff there were so friendly, even though there was a language barrier.

Takeout may taste just as good once you get it, but the opportunity to lounge in there and watch the hustle and bustle should not be underrated. That being said, if it was summer I’d be out of there in a heartbeat. The AC only does so much to counteract those stoves.

So I say dine in if you can. Unless you are taking my table, haha. Then you need

RATED: 4.5/5

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