Review: Thai Cuisine (Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha)

I love Thai Cuisine. Of course, if you read my other reviews, you can tell that I just love Thai cuisine in general. But this particular place really struck me with their exceptionally attentive service and solid grub.

The ambiance isn’t spectacular, but if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t really care much about that. I care about an authentic dining experience, where you really feel the passion of the proprietors. And that is exactly what you get here.

My dining pal and I ordered the egg rolls (as we always do, because that’s the baseline we use for our Asian experiences). They were really good, better than most. The other thing I use to gauge my Thai experiences is always the green papaya salad (Som Tum). It was citrus-y, fish sauce-y, and a little spicier than normal. I loved it.

We also ordered the green curry, which was pleasant, with plenty of juice to soak the side Royal Thai Fried Rice we ordered. Of course, we also ordered some pad thai, some pad see ew, and some phad kee mow because when we roll, we roll deep, haha. Everything met or exceeded our expectations.

It’s funny, because when we go out to places like this, the servers almost always betray that we are ordering an obscene amount of food. Lesser diners may be embarrassed. But not us. We really just want to get an idea of what the menu has to offer. And don’t worry, we (almost) always take some home, haha.

In the older parts of the city, this is a completely affordable attitude. And that’s why we stick to the older parts of the city. If we did this in the Pearl, we’d run out of money in like a week, haha.

The iced Thai bubble tea seemed like a logical conclusion to our meal. My partner is a coffee guy, but even he was pleased with the after-dinner aperitif.

Overall, I found this to be a quite satisfying dining experience, and I highly recommend it.

I understand that there may be some cognitive dissonance among readers of my reviews, because I can be quite harsh with fine dining establishments and yet simultaneously almost unreasonably forgiving of single proprietorships in the older part of town.

But to me everything is in harmony. I’m looking for SOUL when I dine. When I’m in a five-star hotel, soul is harder for me to identify among all the fireworks, bells, and whistles. It almost feels like I’m being overwhelmed by ancillary considerations, a culinary sleight of hand if you will. But when I come to places like this, where the ambiance is so simple, it focuses my attention on the food. There is no place to hide. There is only the food.

And when I taste soul, I will sing its praises to the hilltops.

I tasted soul here. You should too.

RATED 4.5/5

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