Review: Yee Hwa (Al Nasr, Doha)

Yee Hwa is pretty darned tasty. I have been here for the sushi nights, for hot pots, and for the Korean barbecue. Every time I come, I leave happy and stuffed full of Asian food.

Yes, your clothes will smell like Asian food when you leave. Why do people say this? Why do you care? For one thing, Asian food smells awesome. For another thing, wash your freaking clothes. Even if you don’t wash them, the stink will blow off over a day or two, haha. Non-issue.

I love shabu shabu, or what here is referred to as hot pots. It’s a highly interactive form of eating out, and Yee Hwa provides plenty of different options to dunk in the hot pot for diversity. Every time I come here for hot pots I have a blast, and I leave completely huge, without ever finishing everything that was put out for me to blanch.

The sushi here is not the best in the city, but it is at the upper echelon. And on all you can eat sushi nights you can get a pretty good variety for about QR150. If you eat it all, you win. If you don’t then you pay like QR5 per piece that you left on your plate.

Honestly, I love this. Not because of the fact that I have had to stuff several pieces of sushi down my gullet when I was absolutely gored, but because it does a better job of managing waste for all you can eat experiences than anything I have ever seen in my life. And as a result, I am willing to take one for the team when it counts.

This place is hugely popular, so if you want a streamlined entrance I recommend making a reservation. That being said, even if you don’t they will find you a table. It might take a sec, but don’t let the lack of reservations throw you off. Some of my favorite dining experiences ever have involved frustrating host expectations. You only need one table, and once you get it, you are golden.

March boldly on, friends. Recommended.

RATED: 4.5/5

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