Review: Layali Al Qahira (Souq Waqif, Doha)

Disclaimer: I came here for a Couchsurfing meetup during an Iftar buffet. I had a good experience, but I have not yet eaten here a la carte.

That being said, I really enjoyed my experience here. The buffet was undeniably a buffet, but the hummus and tabouli were as good as anything I have experienced elsewhere. The flatbread was fresh and soft. The grills were juicy and well flavored from whatever marinade they used. To drink, there was mango puree and a hibiscus drink. Both were very refreshing. There were some other Middle Eastern dishes, and a pasta dish that was decent, but the big winners for me were the aforementioned old standbys.

I can’t really speak to the desserts. If you have read my other reviews, you will know that dessert is not a highly-valued priority for me. I’ll usually have a bite or two of regional dessert (such as Umm Ali, Mehlabiya, or Kunafa; and I’ll always go for some Luqaimat), but mostly just for the experience. It’s just not what I’m focused on. However, I do like fresh fruit, and they had it at the end of the buffet, and they had a good variety.

When I think of Egyptian cuisine, I think of things like tamiya, koshari, mulukhiya, and foul medames. But I realize that there is a lot of overlap in regional cuisines, and that each country has unique interpretations of what would otherwise be familiar dishes. That being said, I didn’t get a chance to compare any of these old favorites to the foods I ate while traveling in Egypt.

Overall, at least for Iftar buffet, I found this place to be tasty, and good flavor for value. Plus it’s in the Souq, which is great if you want to bring a visitor out for a unique, authentic experience.

RATED: 4.5

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