Review: Opal By Gordon Ramsay @ The St.Regis (Westbay, Doha)

I have eaten brunch here a couple of times. Overall, I have enjoyed the experience, and I would return.

This isn’t the same sort of brunch setup you expect from other brunches in the city. It is a limited menu, a la carte experience. You order at the table, the food is prepared for you, and delivered to your table.

The upside of this sort of experience is that everything is made to order. Plus, you don’t have to burn a single errant calorie by getting up. The downside is that there is not very much variety, you have to order, and then you have to wait for your small plate of freshly-prepared food.

That being said, one of the things I love about brunches is the walking around. I love to browse, check out the different stations, see what is cooking, chat with people, and come back with another plate of treasures. I like being able to get a small scoop of ten different things, and I love being able to go back to go deep on the items that really impressed me.

Opal’s brunch feels far more civilized because you don’t ever have to get up, unless you need to use the restroom or want to have a smoke in the bar. It is much more like just having a nice brunch in a fancy restaurant.

Here, I learned early on that the best strategy was to order 4-5 plates for the table at a time. That way, by the time the next wave of food arrived, we were clearing our previous plates. It cut down on the waiting, and allowed us all to have more of a perpetual tasting menu. The servers were understanding and well-humored about it, although I got the impression that I wasn’t getting the “point” of the Opal brunch, haha.

The menu appears to change from time to time, as some of the items I had read about during my “pre-dining due diligence” were not included on the menu we were provided with. That being said, the standouts for me were the Thai Beef Salad, the wings, and the Wagyu slider.

My absolute favorite item was the tenderloin with Yorkshire pudding. I did find it strange that they never asked me how I would like it cooked, but perhaps that is because they knew I was in capable hands that knew better. As such, it came a little more done than I would have chosen, but it was still really, really good. And plus it was like a tiny little plate of Sunday Roast, haha. If you have read any of my other reviews, you would know that Sunday Roast and Yorkshire Pudding are must-haves for my brunch experiences. I can forgive that if I’m going to a place that serves a niche-cuisine, but ultimately I never feel complete unless I have it.

The desserts were less impressive than the rest of the menu, but not bad. The profiteroles seemed almost like they had become victims of the humidity, and didn’t have the crunchy outer coating I was hoping for. The Eaton Mess was an experience I had never tried, so I wasn’t in a position to cross-compare. I liked the idea, but it was very sweet, and ultimately didn’t find myself wanting more than a couple of bites. The chocolate brownies ended up winning the hearts and minds of the table.

As is expected of a brunch, the beverages flowed freely, and no one batted an eye when I asked for cappuccinos after the meal, or orange juice for spontaneous mimosas. That’s a good sign. I’ve been to places before that were like “uh, we have coffee?” Haha.

Overall, you get good value for the money here. It’s just different. If all you need is Sunday Roast (like me), you’ll be fine. If you are looking for twenty meters of different options, this is not the place for you. I’ll be back, and I think that you should come check it out too.

RATED: 4/5

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