Review: Shehrazad @ Radisson Blu Hotel (Al Muntazah, Doha)

Overall, this is a decent sports bar. The prices for the drinks are reasonable, although in my opinion not as amazing as other reviewers have stated. Perhaps that is because we have different definitions of value. I didn’t make it for a happy hour (if there is one), but if not then it is not THAT much cheaper than other places located in more convenient parts of the city (assuming you don’t live near the Radisson Blu).

I went on a weekend, so it was extremely crowded. So much so that we couldn’t find a place to sit for a long time, and I had to imbibe standing up to the side. We did eventually find a small table. However, by that time we were pretty much ready to head out.

The ambiance is nothing to write home about. I agree with other reviewers that this does not have much of a communal vibe. It reminds me more of a cafeteria, with a bunch of hard chairs and hard tables. There were plenty of sports on TVs around the bar, so that did provide some distraction from the otherwise unremarkable decor.

That being said, the food did look pretty tasty. Not from a highbrow perspective, but from the perspective of an Average Joe in a sports bar. Unfortunately, it was so packed that I didn’t want to make the effort to order food. I left shortly after my second pint. (That being said, they had draft pints, which if you have read any of my other reviews basically means that I automatically add a point to the score).

Overall, I suspect that this is quite a pleasant place to visit, provided you avoid peak hours. But like most places, if you go during the busiest times, you will likely not see it at its fullest potential. Every time I go to a place while it is packed, it loses something for me. This is true of even my most beloved casual haunts.

I should try this place during a Monday night. And perhaps you should too.

RATED: 4/5

Shehrazad - Radisson Blu Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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