Review: The Italian Job @ Radisson Blu Hotel (Al Muntazah, Doha)

The Italian Job was an average experience. I came here at the suggestion of a friend, and overall the experience was pleasant. In part, that was because of the company, so your mileage may vary.

We ordered a caprese salad, which was actually pretty good. She got a spaghetti dish, and she appeared to enjoy it. I got a basic margherita-style pizza, which was relatively disappointing. I remember having a conversation with her about my use of pizza as a litmus test for Italian restaurants. This pizza reminded me more of things I wouldn’t prefer to remember, as opposed to things I would. I had to put on a show about how it “wasn’t that bad” so she wouldn’t be disappointed.

But between you and me, I WAS disappointed. I had expected more, especially because of the name and the reputation. I had requested a crispy crust, which I have found is a useful instruction in this region in order to get closer to the pizza I would normally get back home.. What I got was more of a gas station pizza. Not meant as an insult, but more as a representation of the soft bread and lackluster toppings I would normally expect from a gas station pizza back home. I ate it, but when I was done, I was still on the search for the perfect pizza in Doha. It wasn’t located here.

Other reviewers have commented negatively on the singing. That was actually one of the high points of my evening. The singing and the overall ambiance was awesome, and reminded me a bit of the carnival atmosphere of Buca di Beppo in San Francisco. I really enjoyed it. I just didn’t enjoy the rest of the Italian Job experience quite as much.

In conclusion, nothing was particularly offensive about the Italian Job, but nothing really made me stand up and take notice. Perhaps I need to try more of their menu. But as it is, I won’t be returning unless someone else suggests it.

RATED: 3/5

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