Review: Torch Tea Garden @ The Torch Doha (Al Waab, Doha)

Location, location, location. The Torch Tea Garden provides another great panoramic view of the city, but from a completely new perspective, far removed from the usual suspects in West Bay.

Now, I’m just an average Joe, but since I have been in the city I have begun to appreciate the simple pleasure of an afternoon tea. Before I came here I was always a coffee person, but over the years I have found myself shifting away from the darker brew, even at home.

The afternoon tea experience here is sublime, and quite civilized. I can vouch for the tea time package, as well as the mezzes. My favorite though has to be the steak sandwich. Not the most stereotypical tea snack, I suppose. And perhaps I yet betray my coarse and humble origins, haha. But it’s actually quite satisfying.

In addition to the view, the indoor ambiance here is also very enjoyable. There are faux plants hanging from the ceiling, but they don’t look like the fake flowers at grandma’s house. It really does give the impression of dining in a grotto.

The overall layout is well thought out as well. There is enough open space to take in the view from wherever you are, but enough nooks and crannys to provide the feeling of intimacy that larger open spaces often lack.

It is the view that brought me here, and the view that brings me back. I recommend getting here in the later afternoon so you can see the daylit city, and then linger into the early evening so you can watch the sun go down and the lights of West Bay come on. You can also then fully appreciate the shifting light show that emanates from the Aspire Tower exostructure itself.

I also recommend taking a spin around the perimeter before you leave, so you can appreciate Doha from some unique, different angles. And take a peek down onto that swimming pool that juts out from the side of the building below. If you are lucky, you can see some swimmers down there defying death. A vicarious thrill. Not sure I would have the courage to get in that pool, but I’ve surprised myself before, haha.

An enjoyable experience. Recommended.

RATED: 4/5

TORCH TEA GARDEN - THE TORCH DOHA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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