Review: Bosphorus (Souq Waqif, Doha)

I have been to Bosphorous more than any other restaurant in the souq. I see that the reviews are mixed here on Zomato. But overall this is one of my favorite restaurants in the souq, and one of my favorite Turkish places.

I bring almost every one of the people who come to visit me in Doha here when we tour the souq. Without exception, everyone I have brought has been thoroughly impressed with the experience. Maybe it’s a combination of the food and the location. Either way, I score easy points with this little trick up my sleeve.

We always order one of the mixed mezze platters for a survey, and it provides a pretty good variety. It’s not the best mezze I have had, true. But it is pretty darned good. And the bread is quite tasty (when it is fresh).

I tend to go for the tavuk sis, but I have also had the kusbasi sis and the cop sis. Lately, I have really gotten into the iskender sis. And not by my own hand. Someone else got it, I took a bite, and I immediately experienced “plate envy,” haha. I was like “wanna trade? wanna bite of mine?”

I owe this revelation to one of my friends who had lived in Turkey for a couple of years and ordered it. I was like, “are you sure?” She was, and I stand corrected.

She said it was as good or better than the iskender sis she had eaten in Turkey. And she had eaten her share. It was actually one of her favorite memories of Turkey. And it became one of her favorite memories of Doha. Long story short, she actually made me take her back for the same dish, in the same place, the next day before she left. She still talks about it.

I have been converted. Now it’s all I order. I love the brown tomato gravy and the yogurt, the tender lamb, and the way the bread chunks soak everything up. It’s a very satisfying meal.

The fries and rice are just OK, no matter what you order, but that’s not what I’m coming for. I’m coming for the grills.

I try to sit outside, weather permitting. The courtyard is a pleasant place to eat. But I definitely prefer the rooftop. It’s not very big, but it provides a cool view of the souq, and my guests always appreciate the unique photo-op perspective.

The shisha is very reasonably priced, and they are good at tending the coals. I’ve had a variety of flavors, so I can pretty much vouch for anything on the menu except cappuccino. I can’t bring myself to try coffee-flavored shisha for some reason, haha.

One pipe is enough for several people, at least in my opinion. Plus, it gives you a break between puffs. It is a great way to end the meal, especially with some Turkish coffee, which is quite tasty here.

For dessert, on a couple of occasions we have had some sort of fried ice cream. I forget what it is called. But this thing was like the size of a softball, and it sat in a bed of fancy chocolate rocks. It’s enough for several people to have a taste, and worthy of your consideration. One of my buddies who got it on a visit here brings it up to this day, so it must be memorable, haha.

I do have to admit that this place is not a huge winner for vegetarians, haha. It shines on the grills, but the veggie main dishes are lackluster. I made this mistake once. Now, when I get a veggie, I steer us elsewhere.

Overall, based on the reviews, it is obvious to me that this place elicits strong feelings. It is a love-it-or-leave-it kind of place. I am on the love-it side. Either way, it is worth checking out.

RATED: 4/5

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