Review: Glo Cocktail Bar @ Marriott Marquis Doha (Westbay-Dafna, Doha)

Overall, Glo is a pretty cool place. I have been here a few times, and the quality of my experience has varied each time I went. I think it really depends on when you go and where you find a seat.

The first time I went was on a Thursday night, after a meal at Ipanema. I didn’t have a very good time. It is a small place, so it was pretty packed. And honestly, the vibe seemed kind of like a meat market (not my scene). The music was bumping. It was good, but not conducive to the conversation I was seeking with my companions. It was also hard to secure seating. Once we did, it took forever to get a drink, and then forever again to get refills.

That being said, it was around “the holiday season,” haha, so maybe that was part of it. I did really appreciate the neon blue “holiday” tree they had up by the entrance. It was a nice combination of funky and nostalgic.

I have gone other times, during the week and during happy hour, and I have enjoyed my time there much more. When it is less busy, the service is more attentive and responsive (understandably). The couches are very comfortable as well (harder to come by on weekends when it is bumping).

They have a fun selection of happy hour cocktails (I haven’t seen another Alabama Slammer in Doha, haha), and they put out an exceptional complimentary bar snack array. They provided a metal “tree” with a few different bowl inserts that contained some tasty chips and dips, and they kept it coming as necessary.

The only major con for me is that they have no draft beer options. If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that taps are a litmus test for me. I can’t fault Glo for this exclusively, because this is a problem with many Doha evening spots. Personally, I think bottles are kinda lowbrow, and places usually charge as much for popping the cap on a 330ml bottle as other places do for pulling a 500ml glass of draft. Again, it’s not just Glo, but it is the reason I do not go there very often. If you don’t care, then you won’t care.

Overall, this place has a nice ambiance, decent beverages, and (potentially) great service. It all really depends on WHEN you go.

RATED: 4/5

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