Review: Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (Umm Ghuwailina, Doha)

I feel like I missed an era. When I first moved here, I was fresh from the land of greasy spoons, and I DEFINITELY don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. I am well-versed in the cuisine of the Southern American Diner. And everyone here was all like, “Ric’s Diner!! You gotta GOOOooo.”

It took me a while, but I finally made it there. I appreciated the ambiance, because it did hold out all of the promise of the divey Southern American diner. But the prices did not match. And even more sadly, the food did not quite match either.

Some of that is due to where we are. It is hard to make a proper biscuits and gravy if you are using beef instead of the “meat that shall not be named,” haha.

From what I understand, the hash browns apparently used to be freshly-shredded potatoes. When I got there, they were these obviously pre-formed triangles of potato. The sort of thing I could buy in bulk at the store. Or get at McDonald’s. No thank you.

Anyways, I ordered my eggs over-medium. My companion ordered them sunny-side up. We both got our eggs the same way, which was sunny-side-hard. Wat?

Not acceptable. We were both looking to sop our relative yolks, in different states of coagulation, with our toast. Over-done is like hard-boiled but on the skillet.

My iced tea was OK, but every sip gave me a bit of a soapy flavor. I mentioned it to my server, and she switched out the glass. It went away, but that meant that I had been drinking dishwasher sanitizer (at best) for the entirety of my last glass. Yuck, but probably just an isolated incident.

I feel like Ric’s is capitalizing on the “cheapness” of American diner food without actually making it cheap. American diner food can be really good. Cheap isn’t the same as low quality or poorly prepared.

I want to recommend Ric’s. I WANT to WANT to go to Ric’s every weekend. But I can make better eggs, and I can make better biscuits and gravy than Ric’s does.

I wonder what made Ric’s forget the basics? I hear this place used to be awesome. I hope they find their groove again.

RATED: 3/5

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