Review: Il Caffe Di Roma @ City Center Mall (Westbay-Dafna, Doha)

This is a decent little cafe, although in my opinion it is expensive for what you get and the ambiance is a bit sterile.

I came here at the suggestion of a colleague I was meeting up with. I had an Insalata di Pollo and a latte. She had a Piadina Picante and seemed to enjoy it. We split a Vegetariano pizza. The salad was good, about what you would expect. The pizza was disappointing. The toppings were good, but the crust was soft and bready, which is a problem I have run into a lot since I moved to Doha. I am looking for a chewy crust with a good bite, or a New York-style crispy thin crust. This was more like a flatbread, or one of those mini-pizzas you’d get at Woqod. If I want bread, I will get a sandwich.

I saw a salad bar after we had ordered. It’s not on the menu, and I am not sure how much it costs, but if I were to go back this is probably what I would order.

The latte was good, although I thought it was strange that they sweeten it for you when they make it instead of letting you make that decision at the table. I was actually in the mood for an unsweetened coffee, and even if I had wanted sugar in it they put more in than I would have done myself. I sent it back and got an unsweetened latte. Tasted just like it should. I have popped in for a to-go latte a few times since then, and always remember now to ask for it unsweetened.

The ambiance is bright and cafeteria-like, which I do not think quite fits in with the chic aesthetic this cafe is trying to cultivate. That being said, the service was attentive and friendly.

Overall, the cost to value ratio does not quite add up for me at Il Caffe Di Roma. I came for lunch at the suggestion of a friend. If someone suggests this place for food in the future, I will gently steer us elsewhere. I will grab a coffee from here if I am passing by, but it is not a destination.

RATED: 3/5

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