Review: Khan Farouk (Katara, Doha)

I went to Khan Farouk for lunch, and had a good experience. I had just returned from a trip to Cairo, and had eaten some fantastic food there. When one of my dining companions suggested that we check out Khan Farouk, I was all for it.

I saw quite a bit on the menu I would eventually like to try, but we went for the most common dishes (at my request) because those are the first ones I had been introduced to in Egypt: koshari, foul, falafel/tammeya, and mulokhiya.

I LOVE koshari. It is such comfort food. I ate it more than anything else during my trip. It’s something I would totally make for a cold winter’s night meal back in the States. Khan Farouk’s version hit the spot. It wasn’t exactly like what I had eaten in Cairo, but it was close, and it ticked all the boxes: bean, noodle, fried onion, tomato sauce. I’d get it again.

I also fell in love with foul medames and tammeya. In fact, I developed a totally new relationship with fava beans/broadbeans in Egypt. To this day, a bowl of foul medames with all the fixings is one of my favorite breakfast foods.

Tammeya was the only street food I ate in Cairo, and it was just killer (not in the food poison way, haha, I didn’t get food poisoning). Both versions here were exactly what I remembered. A bit spendier than the streets of Cairo, haha, but for being in Katara I found the lunch menu (I’m not sure if prices change in the evening) to be pretty reasonable.

I have a strange relationship with mulokhiya. It’s the texture. The flavor is wonderful, and when it’s hot I can totally get into it. But once it starts to cool down and get that mucilaginous texture, it’s hard to finish. It’s the mallow root, right? But it’s so yummy that as long as I down it as soon as it hits the table, I can do it. Khan Farouk’s version was good enough for me to finish. I ate it hot, haha. But this was probably my least favorite of the dishes we ordered. To be fair, maybe I’m just not destined to be a mulokhiya guy. I view it more as a challenge than anything else.

Like I said, I was there for lunch so I didn’t run into the minimum per person order issue I read about in other reviews. I spent close to it, but not quite QR 100. Minimum spend requirements irritate me, so I probably won’t be going there for dinner. But for lunch it was great, and if they have an Iftar buffet I’d consider checking that out too.

Overall, a good experience. I’d go back. Recommended for lunch or early dinner to avoid the minimum spend requirement.

RATED: 4/5

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