Review: Kunafa Albisana (Katara, Doha)

I have visited this place several times, both for takeout and for dine-in. It took me forever to find it the first time. I actually looked for it unsuccessfully twice, and ended up aborting my mission to go somewhere else. On the third try, I successfully located it. It’s not in the main Katara development, which was where I went wrong. It’s actually WAY in the back on the northeast side. Someone told me to follow the signs for Harrods, which is what finally got me there.

I have had the kunafa with cheese, the beef shawarma, the chicken shawarma, and the Mexican shawarma (beef and chicken), The kunafa is delicious. Some of the best I have had yet. That being said, I haven’t actually had a lot of kunafa so I don’t consider myself an expert.

I go for the shawarmas. I do consider myself a bit of an expert on shawarmas. They are like the burritos of the Middle East. And I love me some burritos.

The shawarmas are really good here, and expertly prepared. True shawarma artists. I have watched them prepare my order from the counter on several occasions, and I was impressed by the process. The way they carve the meat, add the fillings, manage the panini press, and spin the wrappers is actually beautiful. It reminds me that any activity engaged in well and mindfully can become art.

I prefer the regular chicken over the beef and Mexi shawarmas, in part because they are generous with the garlic paste. And I love garlic paste. And for being in Katara, this place is pretty cheap. But if I was in an older part of the city, I’d feel a bit cheated. They taste great, it’s just that the shawarmas are pretty small. Kind of like baby shawarmas, or cigars. I go in thinking “eh, it’s only QR 15.” But then I end up getting 4 wraps and walk out QR 60 lighter.

During the afternoon there is plenty of seating, but every time I’ve gone in the evening it has been pretty packed. And at night there is also a line of Land Cruisers around the building looking to take advantage of what I think is a drive-thru (never tried it because of the lines). So I’d be mindful of the fact that this is a busy nighttime snack spot and plan accordingly.

Overall, I recommend it. Like I said, I’ve gone there several times. It’s quite good, but it’s not as cheap as it seems. That all said, it’s the only game in town. If you want shawarma in the “fancy” part of town, or if you want some late night fast food in this area, you don’t have a lot of choices. Just remember to follow the signs for Harrods and go way, way back on the northeast side.

RATED: 4/5

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