Review: Costa Coffee @ The Centre (Near Megamart) (Al Muntazah, Doha)

It’s a Costa, and Costa is a coffee chain. So for what it is, it’s pretty good. I usually come here after a trip to MegaMart or dinner at Thai Corner. Personally, I vote for the iced lattes or a good old regular Cup of Joe.

Funny story though…Last time I went, my buddy and I got the Coffee Cooler and he got the Caramel Cooler. They were so delicious!…at first. They had this rich and creamy, almost plastic-like texture that reminds me of a McDonald’s ice cream cone. They went down easy. But as they warmed up, they solidified into this almost frosting-like texture that put us both off. We didn’t finish them (but we finished MOST of them!) The next day, we revealed to each other that we had both felt a bit sick to our stomachs late that evening.

Sp I won’t be going for the Coolers again, but the espresso and coffee drinks are safe, haha.

I do like that this location is 24 hours, because there don’t seem to be that many places in Doha you can go to for late-night studying. For smokers, there is a separate indoor area, which I think is nice. That being said, I agree that the ventilation in that room could be better. When it is busy, it reminds me of one of those airport smoking rooms. It gets pretty hazy. But when I sit in the non-smoking area, I can’t say that I have ever noticed the smell of smoke leaking out, except maybe a bit from the door when people enter and leave.

Overall, recommended. Just think twice before ordering one of those Coolers.

RATED: 3.5/5

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