Review: Shater Abbas @ City Center Mall (Westbay-Dafna, Doha)

Shater Abbas is awesome. As was the case with several other reviewers, it is one of the first places I tried when I moved to Doha, and I keep coming back. Every time I have a visitor and we go to City Center, I almost always steer them here because then they can say they tried “Persian” food. As a result, I have been here many times, and I have sampled most of the items on the menu. Some items are better than others (of course), but I haven’t had a bad meal here yet.

I tend to go for the mixed appetizer platter, the super mix, and then a wild card, because it provides my guests with a good survey of the menu. As Mr. B said, the hummus here is great. I think the stuffed grape leaves are too. But I actually like everything on the mixed appetizer platter (QR 15-35).

The super mix is a good choice because it provides wide coverage for the price (QR 75). You get a chicken skewer, a meat skewer, and a kofta skewer, as well as flatbread and some grilled veggies and hot peppers. I can also recommend the chicken barg and the hammour (personally, I generally avoid ordering hammour because it is an endangered fish; but I’ll try it whenever someone else orders it because I do love it).

The fresh juices are pretty good too. I usually order a mango juice and an avocado juice (because no one I come with has ever had avocado juice; heck, I didn’t even know avocados had “juice” until I moved here). Both are good, although a bit sweet for my taste. I wish places in Doha would ask if you want sugar in your fresh juice (because I NEVER do). But it is what it is.

That all being said, this place is not cheap, especially for a food court. When you order an appetizer, a couple of mains, and a couple of drinks, you will be paying about as much as you would be paying in an actual restaurant. As such, I never make Shater Abbas a dinner destination, and I would have trouble justifying it as a lunch meal because of the cost. But when I’m at the mall in the evening, with a visitor from outside the region, I can justify it.

Overall, I recommend Shater Abbas. The food is a bit expensive, but the food is also quite good. And even though it is in a food court, it is in the nicer food court in City Center, so it does feel a bit more like a “restaurant” dining experience than if it was in the scary food court by the fun center. You should check it out.

RATED: 4.5/5

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