Review: Ramadan Tent @ Four Seasons Hotel (Westbay-Dafna, Doha)

Wow! I was really impressed with the Four Seasons Ramadan tent this year. I KNOW I went last year (didn’t I?), but the experience this year was NOTHING like the experience last year. When I got home, I actually had to search my emails from the friend I went with to verify that I actually had in fact gone to the Four Seasons tent last year (I had).

Last year, the food was great, but the selections seemed far more limited than they were this year. And this year the presentation seemed way more elaborate. It was like a carnival. I remember good sushi and good roast beef last year, but I certainly would have remembered a chocolate shawarma station and fishing for seafood out of a tank. Wouldn’t I? Wouldn’t I? I’m feeling a little insecure in my memory now, haha. Either they made some major changes this year, or I’m going senile. I guess it could be both…

Either way, this year was awesome. The tent had so many options there was no way to sample them all. I’m a huge fan of sushi, and Four Seasons did not disappoint. The dumplings were also standouts for me, as was the roast beef.

Well, I guess when it comes down to it, this year I ended up eating pretty much the same things I ate last year, haha. I like what I like. But the overall presentation and ambiance really made this year something special.

RATED: 4.5

Ramadan Tent - Four Seasons Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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