About Joe Expat

Dining out is about more more than just getting full. It is an adventure. I love the sense of community created when people share food. I love to break bread with friends, and I love to make new friends over this shared passion.

I appreciate the “holistic sensory experience” of fine dining, but what really revs my engine is street food. Street food is where the rubber meets the road, where food meets everyday life. It feels vital and real to me. I love searching for special, under-appreciated gems. Given the choice, I’ll pick a beat-up food truck or a hole-in-the-wall filled with construction workers over a hotel restaurant every time.

I love to try new dishes. I take pleasure in researching unfamiliar cuisines, decoding and unlocking the secrets of cryptic menus. I bring lists with me. And I feel a strong sense of satisfaction when I sit down to a table of newly-discovered dishes and finally transform my research into reality. It is like a scavenger hunt.

I seek authenticity and new experiences. I try to take every opportunity to push myself a little outside of my comfort zone. This blog is a record of that journey.

I’m on a quest. A quest for fun. Join me.

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!


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